Where are technical translators most wanted?

Technical writing and technical translation services were limited to the exact translation of scientific, medical, legal and business documents for a long time. However, times are changing. It is becoming increasingly clear that technical translators adapt to a world that is changing rapidly.

Technical translator now serves as the communicator. It has been the domain of literary translators or translators, who often had to be more creative when translating text. Technical translators were expected to reproduce the exact and literal meaning of the text without opening his personal view on what they are translating.

However, technical translators are now beginning to step over their traditional boundaries and develop their skills in the real world, a certain culture and a language. This requires more than just in-depth knowledge of the source and target languages. This includes understanding the peculiarities of their audience. This partly depends on the growth of internationalization of human activity. According to marketing translation services, translator must present their message so that it could be understood by a diverse group of people. Even if they speak the same language, they can speak in different dialects belong to different social groups, age group or use some special kind of language and slang.

The growing necessity for technical translations is noticed in growing number of translations of operating and maintenance guides for technical equipment. Technical translation, if necessary, had to be made into many languages ​​as equipment or devices can be collected, stored and used worldwide. Technical translators have to understand how their translation will be perceived by their target audience. They bare responsibility and must ensure that there are no security problems. This means that they need to evaluate their work in terms of people for whom this text is assigned to. Do they understand it? How can they improve the document so that it became more effective? Thus, technical translator must be much more creative in what he writes about.

Medical documents are another example of technical translation, which must depend on translator’s intuition. Medical instruments and drugs are distributed worldwide. Their proper use depends on understanding how to use them. Translator must undertake where these things will be used. Target audience context is as important as the literal translation itself.

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