Translation of technical texts

Translation of technical texts is one of the most popular activities of Technical Translations Inc. When we talk about technical texts translation, we mean translations of operating instructions, assembly, and translations of technical articles, scientific and technical texts. Translation of the technical text may be needed to the same extent in all areas of translation (technology, medicine, aviation, pharmaceuticals, heavy engineering, oil and gas, light industry and IT). Our office always stands on the fact that accuracy in translating terms, deciphering in a large number of abbreviations are the basic moments for the correct translation of technical texts. Therefore, the high-quality implementation of such translations is only possible for translators who have extensive experience behind them.

Our team has a sufficient number of specialized technical translators with a second special education. The editorial staff is represented only by experienced specialists and layout designers work in all sorts of graphic programs. This allows us to perform qualitatively both small orders and very large ones. If the customer has a need for urgent translation, we involve the necessary number of translators and editors who will work in the regime of irregular schedules and the work will be performed qualitatively and at the agreed time.

Very often the customer and the translation agency see the final result in different ways. Various translators translate technical texts through the prism of their technical knowledge and long-term experience, and, accordingly, their translations may differ, but, nevertheless, the correctness of translations will be unequivocally true, in spite of the difference in the presentation of information. After all, each translator has his own style. The age of the interpreter can also influence the final result. Therefore, we often offer the client test translations, which are performed by several translators, so that the customer chooses from two correct translations more liked by him in style and technique of translation.

Over the period of the company’s work, more than 2500 projects on translating technical texts have been successfully implemented. Each project is unique, that’s why we take into account all customers’ wishes. It is important for us to know what the client wants and what a ready translation should be. In the course of project implementation, there may be clarifications on terminology, abbreviations that are inherent in the vocabulary of a particular company. Such working moments are specified by the customer during the transfer process.

As a result of such harmonious work, the customer receives a high-quality translation and remains satisfied with the work done.

Example No. 1

Translation of technical passport from Russian language to Kazakh language

Перевод технического паспорта с русского языка на казахский

Example No. 2

Translation of technical documents from English language to Russian language

Перевод технической документации с английского на русский язык

Example No. 3

Translation of Operating Instruction from English language to Ukrainian language

Перевод инструкции по эксплуатации с английского языка на украинский

Example No. 4

Translation of technical design documents from Russian language to English language

Перевод технической проектной документации с русского языка на английский Перевод технической проектной документации с русского языка на английский

Example No. 5

Translation of scientific article from English language to Russian language

Перевод научной статьи с английского языка на русский

5 stages of project execution:

  • Introduction to the text. Assessment of the scope of work, specificity and formatting.
  • Commercial offer for the implementation of technical translation (cost, terms, formatting type).
  • Analysis of the finished similar material provided by the customer, on the translation of technical texts.
  • Work on the text (translation, editorial proofreading, and layout).
  • Delivery of the finished translation of the technical text to the client.

Additional works:

  • Compiling a glossary by the translators of the agency while working on the text.
  • Professional layout.
  • Making any changes to the translation at the request of the customer

Technical Translations Inc. specializes in long-term cooperation and support in the provision of translations of technical texts, taking into account the full range of related services. Practice shows that, as a rule, with a new client we start working on a small project, however, after seeing and assessing the quality of our work, the client addresses regularly. Very often we are treated by clients on recommendation.

Your trust and reputation of the company are important for us, therefore we make every effort to get only a high-quality translation. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89