Translation of technical documentation

Translation of technical documentation is one of the most important and rigorous type of translation. Such documents contains a large number of terms and has a vital value, because of the accuracy of the translation of technical documents will depend the fate of the company, contracts with foreign partners, valuation of equipment, accuracy in operating and obtain a permit for the equipment or products supply in a particular country.

Translators always take such texts with caution, but there are those who have become experts in this field and enjoy helping customers and companies. The Technical Translation Inc. work with such specialists. They have the experience, knowledge and attentiveness to perform such kind of translation. They all have two degrees and have worked for several years in foreign companies according to their technical specialty. We sometimes think that they can even tell a sample for any technical documentation, as they work with it every day.

The main kinds of technical documentation that translates our translation company are:

  • construction documentation;
  • operational documentation;
  • repair documentation;
  • technological documentation etc. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89