Translation of equipment instructions

Experts of Technical Translation Inc. perform translation and interpretation of equipment instructions, which is used in areas such as engineering, power engineering, electrical equipment. For certification applicant must provide technical documentation that must meet certain requirements.

Our experts have extensive experience in the translation of scientific texts. They view each document with special attention, scrutinizing every word. Therefore, professional technical translations they perform are always neat and accurate. In addition to our specialists, experts in various fields of certification and Industrial Safety will monitor the progress of the project and, if necessary, provide consulting services to make them perfect.

In order to the final version of the translation of equipment instructions did not cause customer’s critics and served their interests, it is necessary not only to conduct a full analysis of the text and its parts, and to examine the complex terminology that may occur in the text. In addition, our translators take into account the style and material.

If you need to translate large amounts of text, we will involve in this work a number of experts. To provide customer with technical text without mistakes, our proofreaders repeatedly check it.

We offer our customers the best prices for services. We provide all our customers with accurately translated material at a reasonable price. However, the final price of the translation depends on many factors. To determine the cost of your project, we need at least to briefly analyze the text and scope of this work. In other words, we need to understand the complexity of the text and on this basis, we determine the cost of work. If your order requires consultations with specialists and experts, we will inform the customer about it. If you need independent professional advice, you can contact them directly. Only then, you can give equipment instructions for translation.

Tell us what kind of translation of documents you need, and send on our e-mail information materials in such a way that our experts examined them and were able to give a preliminary estimation of the cost of work. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89