Translation of documents

Translation of documents is one of the most popular activities of the company. To date, we have translated more than 1700 projects of technical, medical, pharmaceutical documents etc. When accepting the project to translate the documents, we take into account the wishes of the client and always work according to the established arrangements. It is important for us to know and understand what the customer wants, and how he sees the finished result. For the best performance of the tasks set, any information that the customer can provide with regard to the documents claimed for the transfer is taken into consideration. Skillful work with the obtained information gives a synergistic effect.

Translation of documents is quite a vast field of translation. It includes:
– translation of technical documentation;
– translation of technical documents;
– translation of normative documents;
– translation of construction documents;
– translation of medical records;
– translation of pharmaceutical documents;
– translation of financial documents;
– translation of legal documents;
– translation of accounting documents;
– other documents of a general nature.

All the above directions are known to our specialists, we are able and we love working with them. Each direction for translating documents is important and unique. But we know all the subtleties and peculiarities of working with each of these directions. The translation of the documents, depending on the specifics, is given to a highly specialized interpreter. All translators working on these projects have rich work experience, more than 10 years, and are constantly practicing specialists. The Technical Translations Inc. has great opportunities for performing complex and voluminous documents. During the work of the company, no client received a refusal from us to implement the project due to a lack of resources.

Example No. 1
Translation of technical documents from English into Russian

Перевод технической документации с английского языка на русский

Example No. 2
Translation of construction documents from Russian into English

Перевод строительной документации с русского языка на английский Перевод строительной документации с русского языка на английский

Example No. 3
Translation of medical documents from English into Ukrainian

Перевод медицинской документации с английского языка на украинский

Example No. 4
Translation of pharmaceutical documents from English into Russian

Перевод фармацевтической документации с английского на русский язык

Example No. 5
Translation of legal documents from English into Russian

Перевод юридической документации с английского языка на русский

To translate all possible directions of documents, an engineering approach is required, which our bureau successfully applies. Before the beginning of the work, the material provided for translation is studied, the specificity, volume, and formatting are determined. After that, the executors are selected for each stage of the project (translator, proofreader, layout designer).

Main positions of the translation process:

  • Acquaintance with the documents received for translation. Determination of the specifics, format, volume of the proposed works.
  • Preparation of a proposal for translation of documents (cost of works, deadline, formatting, etc.)
  • Selection of performers according to the analysis of the documents.
  • Work on translation (translation, editorial proofreading, formatting).
  • Delivery of finished work to the customer.

Additional work on the translation:

  • Preparation of a glossary by the translators of the agency.
  • Professional layout.
  • Making any changes to the translation at the request of the customer.
  • Test translation, free of charge, up to 1000 characters with spaces.

Technical Translations Inc. is a full-cycle company, from translation to layout of documents. We are equally responsible for both large and small projects. We specialize in providing a wide range of translation services.

We are happy to help you realize the most difficult and ambitious project!

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