Translation of a technical description

Translation of a technical description of goods or product, as well as translation of a technical data sheet of a vehicle or building is one of the most popular areas in translation.

Briefly about them:

Technical description is a description of goods or product for its correct classification and compliance with the Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activities. In other words, the technical description is a necessary procedure that makes the product oriented to the world market.

The technical data sheet of the vehicle is a document that contains basic information about the technical characteristics of the vehicle, the identification data of its main aggregates, the statement about the owner of the vehicle, the setting and removal from the register.

The technical data sheet of the building structure (building) is issued for any type of real estate and contains the main characteristics of the structure, such as the year of construction, the construction scale, width, length, height or material for such structures as foundations, walls, ceilings and others.

Translation of technical description is necessary for virtually all industries. It is one of the most popular activities of the company. Since the foundation of our organization and to date, we have received more than 3000 applications for the translation of technical descriptions and data sheets. To translate the texts of these areas, a large number of specialists are needed who are fluent in the language and have experience of more than 5 years in various fields (construction, medicine, pharmaceuticals, energy, and others). We work with these translators. Over the years, they have shown their professionalism and dedication to the translation business. Therefore, applying for a transfer to our company, you can be calm about the quality of the translation, as your project will be handled by the best specialists. After the translation, the text is edited by the editorial editor. Also we want to note that our company always draws attention to the presence of drawings of goods or products in the technical descriptions, and in technical data sheets of real estate – the presence of a huge number of drawings, schemes, figures and tables. To perform such formatting of translation on a professional level, we offer the services of layout designers. They work in all sorts of graphic programs and have behind them a rich experience in the layout of technical descriptions, technical data sheets and other similar documents.

If you still doubt the quality of the translation, or it is important for you that the translation was done in a particular style, then we have a good solution to this. We suggest that you do a free test translation of a small volume of the document by two or three translators. Thanks to the test translation, you can evaluate the quality of the translation and choose the most suitable variant for you.

Every project that comes to us is unique, and for us it is important to know what the client wants. We are always focused on the fact that working together makes the result only better, so we try to take into consideration all the information that the customer is ready to provide regarding the document claimed for translation.

Example No. 1

Translation of technical description of the machine from German into Russian

Перевод технического описания к станку с немецкого на русский язык

Example No. 2

Translation of technical data sheet of medical product from Russian into Ukrainian

Перевод технического паспорта препарата с русского языка на украинский

Example No. 3

 Translation of technical description of goods from English into Russian

Перевод технического описания товара с английского на русский язык

Example No. 4

Translation of technical description of equipment from English into Ukrainian

Перевод технического описания оборудования с английского на украинский язык

Example No. 5

Translation of technical description of construction from Ukrainian into English

Перевод технического описания по строительству с украинского языка на английский

How we work

Before the beginning of the work, the manager thoroughly studies the material that has come into operation, specifies the specifics, the scope of work, the formatting type, the execution time, taking into account additional works such as layout, creating a glossary, etc. After this, a team is selected for each stage of the project (interpreter, proofreader, layout designer).

Main stages of the project:

  • Introduction to the technical document that has been received. Determination of the specifics, format, volume of the proposed documents.
  • Preparation of a commercial proposal for the implementation of the translation of a technical description or technical data sheet (cost, terms, formatting, etc.)
  • Selection of performers according to the analysis of the documentation.
  • Work on translation (translation, editorial proofreading, formatting).
  • Delivery of the finished work to the customer.

Additional translation work:

  • Preparation of a glossary by the translators of the agency.
  • Professional layout.
  • Making any changes to the translation at the request of the customer

Technical Translations Inc. is a full-cycle company: from translation to layout of documents; if necessary, with the subsequent certification of translations by the seal of the company, or by notarization of the authenticity of the translator’s signature. The policy of the company is that the attitude to orders and the measure of responsibility are equally high for us both in large and small projects. For us, the reputation of the client is important, because, often, it directly depends on the translation provided by us. Therefore, we make every effort to achieve a high result and maintain a good reputation for both companies.

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