Translation and localization of websites

Website translation is a service package that includes not only the translation, but also the text adaptation, website coding and correspondence the general idea of the company. Technical Translations Inc. provides such services. In connection with the development of information technology worldwide, as well as international trade and international relations, websites localization service are extremely popular now.

What is the difference between the usual website translation and localization?

  • The localization can help to avoid displacement of a website design due to differences in text size;
  • In case of localization, you do not have to re-create all tags and links, do website coding;
  • The localization helps to save the meaning of all terms;
  • In case of localization, any artistic elements (metaphors, analogues, and footnotes) do not lose their meaning;

When ordering localization in our translation company:

  • You will get a ready website in the required language (with all tags, links, pictures, flash-elements and proper site coding);
  • We can test your website on focus group of native speakers at your request;
  • You do not need to spend money on SEO-optimization because it is part of our localization service site;
  • You can be sure in the quality of translation, because you can monitor work on your website in a private office, and it will be held twenty four – seven;
  • You can immediately launch website and receive calls from new customers.

Technical Translation Inc. perform accurate website translation of any subject (childish, industrial, textile, computer, art, education and many others). Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89