Technologies that demand technical translations

Science and technologies demand technical translations

Today an export trade and know-how exchange between different countries demand a high standard of linguistic communication. Team of Technical Translation Inc. works hard to perform any translation project and constantly maintain each of your enterprises. Our translators in the fields of science and technology are chosen based of their knowledge and skills, not only in translation, but also in various fields of science and technology. For example, translations in the field of electric energy are performed by electrical engineers, translators, who have a respectful professional experience.

Professional experience

For more than 10 years we translated thousands of scientific and technical texts that are related to the wide range of disciplines, such as computer studies and telecommunications, medical technologies, developing, architecture, building etc., where a technical translation plays a major part.

Version of translations and technical specifications

All texts that our team receives are at first thoroughly overviewed. Especially, when it comes to technical texts that contain pictures, drawings etc., we select correspondent software in such a way as to process the content of any document and provide you with a file in a format you need.

Scientific and technical terminology

Team of translators has access to exclusive instruments of translation, specific technologies, dictionaries and glossaries, so that we can guarantee a unity of terminology that is used in the document, regardless of its size.

While performing a translation of scientific and technical texts by our translators, you can be assured that it will be accurate, as it is performed by professionals that are native speakers of the original language and specialize of the theme, necessary for you.

Confidentiality and professional responsibility

We guarantee confidentiality of your documents in written form. Also our services are subject to norms of professional insurance of civil responsibility,

Popular translations in the field of science and technology:

  • Instructions in exploitation of electrical and electronic devices of special purpose;
  • Patents;
  • Technical specifications.
  • Aside of the translation, we provide the following services:
  • Page proofs and editing of translated texts;
  • Rendering of terminology (translation of terms without context);
  • Simultaneous and consecutive services of interpretation.

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