Technical translator

Technical Translation Inc. confidently believes that there is no more professional translator then a technical one. Because this vocabulary cannot be learned neither in the university, nor on certain courses, nor anywhere else. Such experience and such knowledge can only be obtained by working in the field directly (on the plant, factory, marketing company, medical enterprises, legal agencies etc.). Technical translators are wary rare, but if you have found one – you can be sure that he is a specialist to the bone.

Technical translators gather experience in decades and constantly improve their knowledge, thanks to the restless interest to their specialty. They possess all the necessary literature, even if you need to translate an instruction of operation of an Ancient Rome military equipment, they will find a book about it, and then they will consult with historians for accuracy and authenticity of information.

Technical Translation Inc. found such people and organized them into a unified team. We can find a specialist in any theme. Our specialists will meet your terms, take into account all you wishes and perform a translation exactly how you want it, but using for it all their skills and knowledge. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89