Technical translator for energetics

Technical translations for energetics

Energetics really is an international market. Companies cooperate with many countries that depend on international energetics and public services, so a firm connection between parties has a huge importance in providing necessary resources. We can help your company by providing professional services of technical translation of:

  • Technical receiving
  • Users manuals
  • Plans
  • Technical patents
  • Technical accountancy
  • Technical specialization
  • Instructions in safety
  • Your responds to international notifications.

Based on researches, conducted by one of the leading companies in the field of energetics, the first 6 languages (excluding the Ukrainian) for web-sites in the field of energetics and public services: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese languages. We have seen that necessary translation are made by experts. We completely understand that a small mistake in the technical translation can lead to incredibly serious consequences – it can even be a question of life and death.

Our technical translators all are specialized experts in certain fields. Accurate translation in energetics and public services in incredibly important – without a possible approximation. We have seen that native speakers of the language with respectful technical experience run your projects. As we work with you on projects that are important for your company, we form a certain glossary of technical terms that are accepted by the field and by your company. Glossaries are connected with energetics, they must be used automatically and correctly, as a technical translator is responsible for the term of performing order. The more projects we conduct for you, the richer and more detailed glossary of terminology becomes. We also use technologies of translation memory, to insure that the text, that is being repeated – for example, in instructions or users manuals – will always be translated the same. This method will influence the price – we make a discount for a previously translated text.

We provide a quality control, by checking the quality of every step of the translation process, to insure that translations that we perform are as accurate, as you demand. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89