Technical translator for chemical industry

Services of technical translation for chemical industry

Chemical industry must follow instructions and comply with demands of the leading field associations. Chemical manufactures constantly create and update patents, additional shits on safety of the product, reports of toxicology, reports on deviations and supporting documents that define the content and properties of the substances. Depending on the origin these documents must be translated into one or more languages and registered. When translating documents on safety conditions, our specialists know that it is important to take into account the features of the country, on which a translation is oriented. For example, goods safety instructions can be created with 8 titles of the section, according to the OSHA standard, or with 16 titles of the section, according to ANSI standard. Technical translator, who has experience of translation for chemical industry, knows all details of standards and in which country which standard is used.

Technical Translation Inc. is a long term worker in the field of chemical industry. We help a lot of companies to effectively represent their information in more than 150 languages. Experts in the chemical field have experience of laboratory work, together with a huge practical use of source and translated documents. They guarantee accuracy and convenience of performing a translation. Inner team of our translations takes into account the place of submitting of translated documents, so that translation that out translators guarantee would meet the norm demands of the country, for which it is intended.

Our agency gives comprehensive and specialized decisions for globalization, which are economically profitable and guarantee a fast result. Unique methodology allows us to perform a consistently clear, accurate translation of information of the highest value.

Our experience in technical translation allows us to propose to our clients decisions for magnification and distinctiveness of language according to their needs. Our company believes that accuracy and consistency can be achieved only in cooperation with professional technical translators that have expert knowledge in the field and with experience of translating technical texts. Our inner quality processes are design in such a way that they can meet special demands of scientific and technical translation. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89