Technical translator and Oil and Gas industry

Technical and Oil and Gas industry with its own language

There are many complicated things in Oil and Gas industry. Researches, excavation and filtering are difficult processes, and translation of critical content of Oil and Gas can be the same problem as well. Difficult technologies, unique fields of expert knowledge and specialized terminology demand the intervention of specialized technical translators, who can accurately convey meaning of a difficult material to the necessary language. Companies in Oil and Gas industry often need technical translations into more difficult languages, such as Arabic, Kazakh and others.

During more than 10 years of work in the language field we built relations with experience technical Oil and Gas translators, who can solve these difficult problems.


  • Tested professional technical translators, who specialize on the energetic field;
  • Options of translations into less widespread languages;
  • Ability to work with difficult technical formats of documents.

We have a responsible technical translator for your project. Companies that produce specialized goods are bilingual on languages of energetics and engineering. They will also be performed on business and marketing jargon, according to the law on international agreement. Many companies in the field are equally unaccustomed to more recent demands, which make their result more understandable for a wider audience.

You can be assured that we will find a respectful technical translator for your project, taking into account all necessary information about your text, target audience, and your company and culture. Out network, that includes a large number of translators from numerous fields, gives us confidence in the fact that we will find a necessary language expert for your project.

Our service is highly specialized

Even if the meaning of a word seems absolutely clear at first sight, it actually has much more meanings, when talking about technical translation. Also enlargement of the amount of news and technical documents, and increased interest of the parties, shoes the importance of a properly performed technical translation. Besides: during several years energetics has become a subject of a most intense civil interest.

It became an impulse for creating a network all over the world, and now it generates a gigantic demand on the technical translations. Our technical translators cover a huge diversity of sectors in the field and separate terminology that each of them uses. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89