Technical translation

Technical translation – is a major field of activity of Technical Translations Inc. We specialize mainly on technical translation and perform exactly according to specific needs of a customer. We work with all kinds of technical translation and develop our mastery in this field since the day of our company`s foundation, thus, in over 10 years of work we performed over 3000 translation projects of various technical documents.

We closely work with a customer, to understand exactly what he needs, what result does he want to see, what terms does he have for the ordered task. Thus every complete order is exclusive, as it is made for a specific customer needs. Customer knowledge on his project are very important, we put them for good use to perform a good cooperation. On final stage of each performed project of technical translation, we provide customer with a ready work, performed qualitatively and in time, thanks to cooperation between an executant and a customer, as well as our team of translators, page proofers, editors, consultants and managers.

Working on such type of translation as a technical translation in large amount of technical documents usually takes a lot of time, taking into consideration editor`s work and page proofs. This is as far the only drawback of this field. Although a lot of experience, company`s working resources and individual approach allow us to perform the biggest projects in the shortest of terms.

Example No. 1

Translation of engineering drawings from English into Russian

Перевод чертежа технической документации с английского языка на русский язык

Example No. 2

Translation of the technical specification for the construction of roads from English into Russian

Перевод технической спецификации по строительству дорог с английского языка на русский язык

Example No. 3

Translation of the draft technical documentation from English into Russian

Перевод проекта технической документации с русского языка на английский язык

Example No. 4

Technical translation of regulatory documents from English into Russian

Технический перевод нормативной документации с английского языка на русский

Example No. 5

Translation of technical characteristics from English into Russian

Перевод технической характеристики с русского языка на английский язык

Production process of technical translation:

– obtaining maximum information from the customer on the topic of the future translation of technical documents;

– coordination of budget for a specific order;

– agreement on the exact period of technical translation;

– harmonization of the availability of a glossary (by basic terms);

– in the absence of a glossary, upon agreement with the customer, we form it ourselves;

– approval from the customer of the proposed number of translators for his project, depending on the volume and the deadlines set by the customer;

– providing the customer with a 1 page version of the translation to agree on the format of the translated document (used for special types of formatting);

– stage-by-stage control of the translation work;

– compulsory proofreading by a specialized editor;

– professional layout;

– final check of the finished translation by the account manager.

We apply engineering approach to technical translations before we start to translate, as well as carefully study the material, determine the executors of the project for translation, editing, layout.

Technical Translations Inc. is a full-service translation company: we carry out the project from “A” to “Z”, from creating a glossary to a verified document.

Technical Translations Inc. is a company that cooperates with our customers for years. This is a daily support for the implementation of technical translations and other documents in more than 60 languages. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89