Technical translation of operation guides

Technical Translation Inc. provides translation of operation guides to machinery, equipment and electronics. Ukrainian companies do business with foreign enterprises, exchange experiences, goods and equipment. The relations between Ukrainian and foreign companies are developing and involving new industries. If a few years ago, Ukraine has cooperated with foreign companies only in the industrial sector, now we exchange financial services and scientific research, technological, construction, medical, pharmaceutical technologies and many, many others. Since foreign products dominate the market of electronics and household appliances in Ukraine, translation of operation guides is one of the most popular type of translation.

When translating operation guides, it is very important to follow the style and accuracy. Translators of Technical Translation Inc. treat very attentively to every order. Our managers distribute the orders according to translator’s specialization. Our agency cooperates with various highly specialized translators. For example, we will find different translators to translate the operation guide for excavator and microwave oven. Thus, you and we can be sure that all terms, consistency, logic, conciseness and, what is the most important, the content of the original text will be conveyed properly and accurately.

These operation guides contain many diagrams, pictures and charts. Technical Translation Inc. cooperates with is a layout designers, who can format your translation identical with the original. Regardless of the program in which the original text was created, the layout of the document will be made according to all the wishes of our client.

We translate operation guides to:

  • washing machines, vacuum cleaners, televisions, refrigerators and other large household appliances;
  • microwave ovens, hair dryers, irons, kettles, blenders and other small appliances;
  • industrial, agricultural and woodworking equipment;
  • mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other electronics;
  • medical and pharmacological equipment;
  • equipment for laboratories and research centers;
  • cars, trucks, tractors and more. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89