Technical translation of instructions

Technical Translation Inc. provides services on translation of instructions. In case of development and sale of equipment and products abroad, your end-user must understand how to operate the equipment or product. The import of goods and equipment also requires translation of all the documents for the goods, including instruction. For example, when importing pasta you must indicate on the packaging the composition and ways of preparing it in Ukrainian. If you want to import a basis for the production of medicines for colds, you will also need to translate instructions for use, dose, side effects etc. We translate various instructions and keep to all quality standards. The basic principles of instructions translation that keeps our agency are:

  • accuracy of translation;
  • compliance with the terms used in the country of export;
  • adherence to formatting;
  • proofreading by the editor;
  • consultation with relevant experts.

Technical Translation Inc. will perform translation of various instructions such, as:

  • operating guides to machinery and equipment;
  • instructions on installation or demolition;
  • job descriptions;
  • instructions for use;
  • guides to aircraft, audio, agricultural, construction equipment and many others.

Instructions are considered accurately translated, when translator under the supervision of highly specialized professionals working in the required field performed it. For example, the translation of user manuals for small household appliances must performed a translator who specializes in translating of schemes, documentation, integration, development of various household appliances, and parallel proofread by the consultant who works or directly related to the production of small household appliances. Thus, the meaning of all terms used in the text will be correctly conveyed and perceived by target audience.


Technical Translation Inc. efficiently performs translation of any technical text of any complexity. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89