Technical translation of guides to medical equipment  

Technical Translation Inc. provides services in translation of guides to medical equipment. This service is very popular nowadays, due to developing exchange of technology, knowledge and inventions between Ukrainian and foreign scientists. In recent years, many investors were attracted to Ukraine. They are helping to improve Ukrainian hospitals, research centers and private clinics. Much of the equipment used in our country has been purchased and produced abroad and, therefore all specifications, instructions, manuals and catalogs are written in a foreign language. Technical Translation Inc. have noticed the need to provide qualitative and accurate translation of the guides and other documentation. That is why our company every day helps Ukrainian companies to use foreign equipment by translating technical texts.

Technical Translation Inc. selects only qualified technical experts for translation of guides for medical equipment, as such texts contain a huge number of terms that must not only translated but also explained. Our translators are trying to make their translations understandable not only for professionals, but also for ordinary employees. They follow the required style and do not allow themselves any lyrical digressions that are appropriate only for literary texts. Our translators have vast experience in translating various medical texts, and can accurately translate the most intricate guides.

Guides for medical equipment often contain charts, diagrams and other graphic elements with text or symbols that require translation. Our agency has qualified layout designer who can formatting translated guides, so it looks the same as your original text.

Technical Translation Inc. is working with several medical consultants who check the relevance and compliance of all of our translations related to medicine and pharmaceuticals. For example, our translators have recently translated the guide for the American tomograph, which contained a large number of restrictions, warnings and instructions on the use of this tomograph. Our translator and consultant spent many sleepless nights in order to each employee who will use this unit could understand and remember these instructions. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89