Technical translation of guides to machinery

Technical Translation Inc. provides translation of technical instructions, catalogs, diagrams and documentation related to heavy machinery. Many vehicles and equipment in our factories are produced abroad, but it will be used and operated by Ukrainian speaking employees. Thus occurs a necessity in translations of all the texts related to this equipment.

We involve only highly specialized translators, who are experienced in dealing with translation of such highly specialized texts. All specialized translators have two degrees and foreign experience in this field, so they can perform the most accurate translation of all the terms and expressions that can occur.

A lot of documentation that is related to heavy engineering contains many graphics, diagrams, charts, tables, and so on. Therefore, Technical Translation Inc. provides layout service, so that you received the translation, which will look exactly like original text.

Technical Translation Inc. provides translation of guides to:

  • agricultural equipment;
  • mining equipment;
  • equipment for chemical engineering;
  • equipment for forestry machinery;
  • metallurgical equipment;
  • handling equipment;
  • heavy excavators;
  • equipment for oil and gas engineering;
  • equipment for construction machinery;
  • equipment for municipal engineering;
  • equipment for generation and transmission of electricity;
  • heavy press-forging equipment,etc. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89