Technical translation of guides to household appliances

Technical Translations Inc. provides translation of different guides, manuals, technical documentation to small and large household appliances. Translations of such texts are required when exporting or importing technologies. Most appliances in the Ukrainian market were produced abroad, so there is a constant need for translating of user guides, as without them would be very difficult to use the appliances mentioned above.

Our translation company will perform translations of any user guide to any household appliances in perfect quality and affordable price. To this end, we work with highly qualified specialists who have extensive experience in translating various technical texts and manuals, most of them are native speakers, who worked in the factories that produce this type of appliances. The most important in translation of guides to small and large household appliances are logical, consistent and dry presentation of information and compliance of terms and formatting. Our technical translators always adhere accuracy in translation of terminology. They have a huge number of dictionaries, reference books and a considerable number of similar instructions translated before. That is why they can say with confidence that their translation is the most accurate and correct.

Technical Translation Inc. can make a layout identical to your original text, so, all diagrams, pictures and charts will be saved in the translated text. This is an important aspect in translation, because if you will not do the layout of already finished translation, the customer will not be able to compare text with diagrams and images, or the customer will spend a huge amount of time on this kind of formatting. However, fortunately, this is not necessary. Our translation company provides package service, so in a result of our work you could get exactly the same document as your original, just in different language.

Technical Translation Inc. can create a glossary for your text. Glossary – is a dictionary, which required the translation of multiple documents for the same company at different time. That is, if in a year you need to translate a document that is very similar to the document that you translated last week, glossary will help to save the unity of terminology. All your wishes considering the previous document will be taken into account regarding the new translation. This service saves time spent on translation, and helps to unite all translations in a single system.

Technical Translation Inc. will be glad to help you in translating all necessary technical documents at the highest level. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89