Technical translation of guides to aircraft equipment

Technical Translations Inc. has years of experience in translation of various industrial, aviation, automotive, and scientific texts. Our translators take like a duck to water in this field. Over the years of our existence, according to manuals, regulations, guides we translated, Ukrainian engineers are successfully gather aircrafts, flying pilots etc.

Technical Translation Inc. performs translations of:

  • operating guides to the aircrafts and on board equipment;
  • drawings, diagrams and construction development, according to which conducts an aircraft assembly;
  • websites related to aviation;
  • technical conditions of construction and operation of aircraft;
  • reports on the results of aircraft testing;
  • guides for pilots, on board crew and maintenance;
  • equipment patents and licenses;
  • articles and books related to aviation etc.

Our translators that specialize in aviation have more than 10 years of experience in this field, and most of them have two degrees, one of which related to aviation. They can perform the most accurate translation of all terms that occur in such texts.

The most difficult for translation always were and will be diagrams, drawings and handwriting. However, it is not a problem for us, as our layout designers will formatting the translated text so it looks identical to the original one. Any charts, diagrams and drawings made in AutoCAD, MathCAD, CoralDraw and other software will look the same as in your original text, just in different language.

Technical Translations Inc. performs not only the website translation, but also its layout. Thus, when ordering website translation or localization, you will get not only correct and accurate translation, but also proper and competent layout.

Technical Translations Inc. provides termless guarantee of quality on all translations, as we can say with confidence that all our translations are flawless. Our team of professionals never failed the client, never gave inaccurate translation to the client, never missed the deadlines, and never received returns. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89