Technical translation of documents

Technical Translation Inc. provides service package of translation certified by seal of our company or notarized. If you have necessity for participate in international tenders, making a contract with a foreign company in exchange of services or delivery of products, submission of documents to the embassy,  travel abroad or permanent residence, in all these cases you will have to resort to the translation company. However, you must be careful when choosing a translation company, because not every company manage with translation of construction documentation, medicines testing and other highly specialized documentation.

When translating documents translator must very strictly adhere to the original, because even the slightest differences in the formulation of sentence can completely change the meaning and significance of the entire document. Translators, who specialize in translating contracts, warrants and court decisions are often have second higher legal education, or work full-time translators in foreign law firms. They have to be sure for one hundred percent that their text they translated will have the same value as the original. It is also important for translator to be familiar with the legislation of the country for which the translation is intended, as each country has its own requirements, for example, translation of power of attorney into English will be different for the UK and the USA. Translators of legal or financial documents always keep to a certain standards, terms and rules, which is used worldwide. They never allow themselves to add any lyrical digressions or paraphrase the text of the document. The translation of technical texts, especially of documents, must be dry, accurate, detailed, concise and logical.

Our translation company can translate quickly and efficiently the following documents:

  • certificates of birth, marriage, death;
  • passport, driving license, identity document, registration certificate;
  • letter of confirmation from bank, employment confirmation letter, certificate of no criminal record;
  • agreement, power of attorney, court decisions;
  • articles of association, accounting records and others.

All documents that you provide to our translation company are confidential. All employees of our company have signed confidentiality agreements. We understand the importance of documentation you provide us and treat it with all necessary diligence.

Technical Translation Inc. can guarantee the quality of translations, as during all the years of our work documents that our company translated was always accepted by the required authority abroad, helping to create a strong commercial relations with foreign companies and to confirm the intentions of Ukrainian companies. All our customers are satisfied and no document was returned. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89