Technical translation of building guides

Technical Translation Inc. provides translation of different operation guides, installation and repair manuals for both small household and large agricultural, industrial and other kinds of equipment. Our company often assists in choosing the equipment, as we perform translations of brochures or other equipment descriptions. Companies cooperating with foreign factories and enterprises require translation of such instructions. When ordering foreign technology, it is required that each employee who maintains or operating foreign equipment understood and knew how to use it. It is necessary to translate the instructions for proper operation of equipment. Our company has performed translations of guides for excavators, conveyors, grinding machines, acing machines, large and small household appliances, various medical equipment and more.

Technical Translation Inc. provides translation of guides for:

  • dredges;
  • construction crane;
  • dump truck;
  • bulldozers;
  • hydraulic hammers;
  • cement mixers;
  • paving compactor etc.

When translating these texts our translators pay special attention to style, accuracy of terms and logical sequence. If your company often orders a new technique or exports Ukrainian technique abroad, we strongly recommend you to create a glossary. That is, after the first order we create a glossary of terms with a detailed description and interpretation. We create such glossary in order to all further translations had the same style, the same format, etc. However, if you have any other requirements for each translation, we are happy to assist you.

Technical Translation Inc. cooperates only with qualified translators who have extensive experience in translating texts is construction field. We selected specialized translators for each narrow field of the industry. Therefore, we can provide the most accurate and correct translation of the guides for building equipment. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89