1. The price of translation of technical and other documents.
From / to foreign language Price for 1 page (1800 characters with spaces) of finished translation
1 category* 2 category** 3 category*** 4 category****
Ukrainian, Russian 65 67 70 75
English 145 150 160 165
German 160 165 170 175
Italian, Spanish 185 190 195 200
Slovenian, Slovak, Czech, French, Polish 200 220 230 240
Finnish, Estonian 200 220 225 240
Romanian, Belorussian 185 190 195 200
Serbian, Croatian, Hebrew 230 240 245 250
Bulgarian, Georgian, Greek 210 220 225 230
Portuguese, Macedonian, Dutch, Turkish, Hungarian, Kazakh, Tajik, Turkmen, Uzbek, Armenian, Azerbaijanian 270 285 290 295
Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Latvian, Latin, Lithuanian, Vietnamese 380 390 400 410
Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Mongolian, Albanian 380 400 410 415

*1 category is a translation that consists on 80-90% of non-specialized text, does not contain a lot of figures and diagrams and is not difficult to format.

**2 category is a translation of technical texts and documents that contain specialized termini that requires additional qualification and knowledge of termini in the necessary field from a translator.

***3 category  is a translation of technical texts and documents that are texts of narrow specialization with termini that are used according to the glossary of a specific Company. Translation of this category is difficult to format and contains a lot of drawings and figures, it requires a second higher or incomplete higher education, experience of working in the specific field from a translator for performing a qualified narrow specialized translation.

****4 category is a technical translation of very specialized documentation that contains more large drawings and diagrams than text for translation. Such translation requires more time spent on formatting according to the original document and additional technical, juridical or medical education from a translator.

*Urgent translations are calculated by a separate price. 

2. Consecutive translation of technical and other documents

From / to foreign language Price of interpreting for 1 hour, UAH.*
Russian, Ukrainian 400
English from 900
German, Spanish, Italian from 1000
Polish, French from 1050
Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Slovak, Czech from 1100
Portuguese, Bulgarian, Georgian, Greek from 1200
Hungarian, Vietnamese, Latvian from 1250
Belorussian, Romanian (Moldavian), Azerbaijanian, Armenian, Netherlandish (Dutch), Hebrew, Arabian, Tajik, Turkish, Lithuanian, Finnish, Estonian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Latin, Persian (Farsi), Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Kazakh, Turkmen, Uzbek, Macedonian, Albanian negotiable

*Minimal order for consecutive translation is 2 hours, and minimal order for simultaneous translation is 4 hours.

On the issue of the cost of renting the equipment for simultaneous translation, please contact the manager of our Translation Agency.

 3. Notarial certification of translations

Name of service Price, UAH
Notarized copy from 160 (1 page)
Certified translator’s `s signature from 160
(Signature + copy), cost increases when more than 5 pages* from 160
Certification of a passport translation from 160
Translator`s signature, without presentation of the original document 250

* Each next page is paid in 10 UAH for 1 page.

4. Registration of certificate of good conduct

Term of issue 1-2 working days 3 working days 5 working days
Price, UAH 900 700 500


5. Apostille

Name of service Price for private individuals, UAH Price for legal entities, UAH Term of issue
Apostille in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 280 500 5 working days
Apostille in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 280 850 2 working days
Apostille in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine 240 30 working days
Apostille in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine 620 20 working days (with request)
720 10 working days (without request)
Super urgent Apostille in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine 1700 2-4 hours (without request)
Urgent Apostille in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine 800 2 working days (without request)
Additional submission of document into MEU in Friday 188 Price for submitting document in non-working day

6. Certification with the Translation Agency seal

Service Price, UAH
Certification with Translation Agency seal (up to 20 pages) 20

7. Page layout 

Service Price, UAH
Professional page layout of translation from 90-200*

*The price depends on the size and complexity of the work, more accurately assessed if there is already a document.


Prices are valid and installed as of 14.02.2020.

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