Problems in technical translation

Technical translation exclude arbitrary interpretation of the text. Particular attention should be paid to the figures because they are often immanent for technical texts. In such cases, even small errors in numbers changes the meaning of translation, and often causes undesirable consequences, such as suspension of production. Overcoming difficulties during translation may require deep knowledge of subject and processes. The presence of these factors and taking into account the polysemy, which is when a word has several lexical meanings can lead to the wrong choice of conditions, resulting in distortion of the meaning of translation. Therefore, one of the main prerequisite for correct conveying of the meaning ​​are excellent understanding of operations by translator. The best solution to avoid these problems is to find a professional who specializes in a particular field and masterfully translates into foreign and native language, in other words, the translator must be a technical expert and a linguist. Thus, participation of amateur translators in the technical translation is not advisable! Technical translator must always be highly qualified.

Therefore, technical knowledge (seminars, trainings, etc.) is necessary for a technical translator.

However, technical translators often face the problem of translation of words, phrases, concepts, which has no direct equivalent in the target language. Sometimes the translation of the word or phrase is tempted the translator to skip it at all. The structural and lexical differences between languages ​​can be one of the main problems in translation, especially the translation from Indo-European languages ​​into Altai language, including also the Azerbaijani language. Taking into account the fact that every language has its own grammatical rules, every good translator must understand the process of accurate scientific translation. Of course, if the translator do not have enough knowledge about the subject and the language into which he translates, translation can become a real disaster.

Thus, a technical translator must make an effort to improve his skills and knowledge in various fields of science and technology through direct experience of a particular process. Skills and knowledge can be acquired only through practical experience. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89