Pragmatics of technical translation

The words in the language associated with some referents, which they represent, and other words of the same language creating syntactic modules. This correlation is called semantic and syntactic correspondingly. Words are also associated with people who use them. People form a certain attitude to the words they use. Some words are getting certain implications, they cause a positive or negative reaction, and they are associated with certain theories or beliefs. Words can be good or ugly, repulsive or attractive. Such relationship between the word and the people who use them is called “pragmatic”.

As a pragmatic effect plays such an important role in the transmission of information, the primary task of the translator is to save it in translation, although it is not an easy task. The pragmatic aspect of translation involves many complex issues.

First, the original text pragmatics usually cannot be directly reproduced in technical translation, but it often requires significant changes in the transmitted message. Correlation of words in different languages can have a great effect on users. Our technical translators strictly monitor these differences.

When we consider not only individual words, but also some phrase or phrases in the text, the problem becomes more complicated. The communicative effect of the linguistic unit depends not only on the value of some of its components, but also includes consideration of situational context and previous experience.

Here again the important role play the differences in historical and cultural heritage of different language communities in their culture and living conditions. It seems that technical translation must necessarily include the kind of pragmatic adaptation to preserve the original communicative effect. This adaptation should ensure that translation, and especially technical translations, conveys the same attitude to the facts, as in the original text. It is understood, that in accurate translation funny should not be replaced on tragic, or praise turn into condemnation.

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