PR Tips for Freelance Translators

Public Relations

When we hear the phrase “public relations” or “PR”, we usually think of some celebrity or a large corporation and we do not usually associate it with freelance professionals. Freelancers often believe that PR is not important for them. Currently, there are countless number of courses on translation market, but none on PR for translators. Marketing is certainly important, but we must take into account that, while marketing concerns brand, the PR is about the history behind the brand.

Every business, whether it is big or small, ultimately depends on its reputation to survive and thrive in the market. Clients and journalist opinions can have a strong influence on business. In fact, in today’s competitive market and uncertain economic climate, reputation can be the greatest asset of the business. How can reputation help you to stand out, and get a competitive advantage as a freelancer? In addition, a successful PR is the biggest impact you can make at the lowest cost. PR is ideal for freelance translators who want to boost traffic to their website to make people talk about them, to raise awareness of their brand and find potential clients who are aware of their existence. Especially if the translator has very narrow specialization, for example, only qualified technical translator can perform technical translation.

What are the best and most cost-effective PR activities for freelance translators?

Interview: Do not lose sight of the media, which are open to interviews with professional translators or looking for potential interviews for publications that can read by your target customers. It may be printed in the specialized publication and read by customers, who use translation services.

Press Releases: If something have changed in your company, post a press release. If you offer new language combination or added a new service to your portfolio – tell people about it!

Reviews (books or translated work): Are you faced with any publications that may be of interest to your colleagues or clients in your industry? Take a time to write a review and send it to the relevant websites.

Quotation: Look for opportunities to be listed as an expert in the relevant publications. It could be your local newspaper, newsletters from Translators Association or trade magazines. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89