Pharmaceutical translation

Pharmaceutical translation is a highly specialized direction that differs from other types of translation by the richness of medical and pharmaceutical terminology, terms and theses in Latin, formulas and tables. This type of translation requires special attention and professional execution. Our executors of pharmaceutical translation have over 10 years’ experience, at least two specialized entities and they are active consultants in the field of pharmaceuticals, and are aware of all the features of the translation of this field.

Up to date, more than 800 projects on translating pharmaceuticals have been implemented by a team of translators, managers and editors of the Technical Translations Inc. Each project is interesting for us and the successful implementation of the translation of pharmaceutical documentation plays an important role. After all, we understand how the correct and clear translation is important in pharmaceutical field. A lot of things depends on the result of our work, and the most importantly is human health.

The customer’s desire for the quality of the translation and its design is fundamental to us. We are able to work together with the customer, if the project requires it. We accept any additional information or assistance from the customer, which will contribute to the successful accomplishment of the task.

Example №1

Translation of pharmaceutical documentation of compliance from English into Russian language

Перевод фармацевтической документации соответствия с английского языка на русский Перевод фармацевтической документации соответствия с английского языка на русский

Example №2

Translation of pharmaceutical documentation from English into Ukrainian language

Перевод фармацевтической документации с английского языка на украинский 

Example №3

Translation of the protocol of the study of a pharmaceutical preparation from English language into Russian 

Перевод протокола исследования фармацевтического препарата с английского на русский язык 

Example №4

Translation of the quality certificate of a pharmaceutical product from English language into Russian 

Перевод сертификата качества фармацевтического продукта с английского языка на русский 

Example №5

Translation of the protocol for the analysis of a pharmaceutical product from English into Ukrainian language

 Перевод протокола анализа фармацевтического продукта с английского языка на русский

Pharmaceutical translation requires a special approach to implementation. It consists in the correct evaluation of the field of pharmaceutics, the definition of real deadlines for implementation without compromising quality, assessing the need for additional work (localization, layout, compilation of a glossary). Upon completion of the assessment of the main components of the translation work, the project manager approves a specific translator for the project, the editor and other specialists, if necessary.

The process of pharmaceutical translation:

  • Inspection of documentation that is provided for translation. Definition of specificity, volume of the declared works, definition of a format of performance of pharmaceutical transfer.
  • Preparation of proposals for the implementation of the translation in the normal mode and in the accelerated (cost of work taking into account the possible discounts, deadline, formatting).
  • Search for additional materials on the project topic, a compilation of similar translations in terminology.
  • Translation process (profile translation, editorial proofreading).
  • Final check of the translation and delivery to the customer.

Additional services provided by the translation of pharmaceuticals:

  • Preparation of a glossary by translators of the Technical Translations Inc.
  • Performing professional proof.
  • Providing a free test translation of up to 1000 characters with spaces.

If you are looking for a translation company for cooperation on a permanent basis or if you need to translate pharmaceutical documents on a one-time basis, the Technical Translations Inc. will be scrupulous and responsive to your projects.

You will find a reliable partner who performs the tasks at a highly professional level. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89