Peculiarities of scientific and technical texts

Lexical and grammatical peculiarities of scientific and technical texts

Currently, there is a great need to separate scientific and technical translation, as not only a special type of translation and the special theory, which explores this kind of activity, but also to grant the status of independent applied science. Linguistic features of scientific and technical texts are based on their stylistic, grammar and vocabulary. The major purpose of scientific and technical translation is conveying clear and accurate information to the reader. This can be achieved by logical interpretation of factual material without apparent emotion. Style of scientific and technical materials can be defined as formal logic.

Scientific and technical texts show a large number of grammatical features. The most common lexical feature of scientific and technical texts is terms, terminology saturation, and the presence of lexical structures and acronyms. A special place among such materials take texts that focus not only on a certain linguistic group, but also on members of a certain professional associations with some extra knowledge.

Theoretical peculiarities of translation

Technical translator must consider many limitations, including context, the grammar rules of these two languages, their coordination, idioms, etc. Hence, our translators translate only into languages ​​that are their native. Traditionally, technical translation was human activity, but our technical translators can use computers as an aid in the performance of translation projects. Perhaps the most common misconception about translation is that there exists a simple “literal” relationship between any two languages, so translation is a direct and mechanical process. On the contrary, historical differences between languages ​​often dictate differences of expression. Consequently, the source and target text can vary greatly in length. In addition, the translation is always accompanied by uncertainty and potential for unintentional “overflow” of idioms and using elements from one language in another, which is the basis for the creation of linguistic hybrids.

Translation of technical texts performed by our professionals is always of high quality. Technical texts that contain a large number of terms, i.e. words or expressions are used only in a particular field, or that describe a certain field in last detail. Specialized technical vocabulary used by researchers in every field, requires that the translator of scientific texts must have technical and linguistic expert knowledge. All our translators possess such knowledge. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89