Medical translation

Medical translation is one of the main directions of the Technical Translations Inc. Up to date, more than 1,000 medical translation projects have been successfully implemented. Each translation project of medical direction is unique for us, and therefore the approach to its implementation is individual. It is important to know what the client wants, and what a ready translation of his medical documentation does he want to see. The answers to all these questions are taken into account when working with a medical translation. Skilful possession of the information provided by the client gives a synergetic effect for the translation.

Medical translation is one of the most difficult areas and, regardless of the source and target languages, requires a lot of time. The complexity lies in the richness of the text with complex medical terminology. The percentage of highly specialized terminology in medical records or medical instructions is more than 70%. The remaining 30% includes general and technical terminology. We accept applications for the translation of medical texts of different formats and volumes. Experience and awareness in such a direction as medical translation allows us to offer the client high quality of translation and moderate terms of work schedules.

Example №1

Translation of clinical trials from English into Russian language

Перевод клинических исследований с английского на русский язык

Example №2

Translation of medical text on the structure of the low tension circulation of lower limbs from Russian into Romanian language

Перевод медицинского текста по строению венозной системы нижних конечностей с русского языка на румынский язык

Example №3

Translation of medical instructions from English into Ukrainian language

Перевод медицинских инструкций с английского языка на украинский язык

Example №4

Translation of medical articles on disease research from English into Russian language

еревод медицинских статей по исследованию заболеваний с английского языка на русский

Example №5

Translation of medical documentation for the study of a medical preparation from English into Russian language

Перевод медицинской документации по исследованию медицинского препарата с английского языка на русский

Medical translation is one of the most important types of translation, and we apply an engineering approach to it.  First of all, this is the study of the document as a whole: an estimate of the expected volume, the evaluation of additional work (professional layout, localization, etc.), the availability of the client’s glossary of terminology. After, according to the analysis, we approve translators, editors and other necessary specialists on the concrete project.

The main stages of medical translation:

  • Familiarization with the medical documentation, which is stated for translation. Determination of the page volume of the translation, the format of the translation and the specifics.
  • Price proposal for the implementation of medical translation with a normal period and more accelerated (the cost of works with a discount and without, the due date, standard formatting or professional layout, etc.)
  • Search for additional materials, the selection of similar translations in terminology.
  • Translation process (profile translation, editorial proofreading).
  • The final revise of the entire project and delivery to the client.

Additional services to medical translation:

  • Compiling a glossary of the Technical Translations Inc.
  • Performing of a professional translation of medical instructions and other medical documentation.
  • Guaranteed free test translation of 1000 characters with spaces.

We are a company that performs a full cycle of work on the translation of medical documents and many other directions. We provide a full range of related services, which involves written translation.

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