Job description translation

Translation of job description is essential for multinational companies which personnel includes people who speak different languages, while making the contract with the foreign company, the submission of documents to the International Bank or other state institutions. The main task of the job description is to provide employment security of employee and employer. Job description consists of a clear description of the requirements, rights, duties and obligations of the employee. Most often, it is included in contract of employment, but there are cases when it is made separately. To the development of a job description may be involved special staffing firms that know exactly how to prescribe certain functions of the employee and the employer. Lawyers advice each company to create job descriptions to avoid duplication of duties, clearly divide responsibilities, properly evaluate employee performance and avoid unnecessary lawsuits. The presence of job descriptions is required for each foreign company, and case of employment abroad, you will need to sign and understand this manual. In addition, when submitting documents to foreign authorities, you have to provide all your company’s documents with translation and, if necessary, stamped by translation agency or notarized. Technical Translation Inc. will be always glad to help you with this task. We will perform this translation according to your own terms and format documents in accordance with the original. Once the job description is translated, it will be checked by the editor, formatted by the layout designer, and reviewed by our legal consultant for the logic or terminological errors.

When translating the job description it is important to follow a certain style and know the labor legislation of the target country. Thus our translators, who translate job descriptions, also specialized in the translation of legal texts, and have a second legal education. They will take into account all your wishes and reflect in translation precisely those requirements for an employee, what you who needed. However, translators still have their own rules and standards of translation, so they will not write quite what you want. Job description is one of the most important documents of the company, so its translation must always be performed accurately, correctly, carefully and consistently.

Technical Translations Inc. will help you to hire a foreign citizen, to translate documents required for international banks, or to translate carefully the job description from your foreign employer. We will do everything in the most convenient time for you and take into account all your wishes. Our translators always treat very attentively to their work. Our editors carefully proofreads all translations for the presence of any punctuation errors, misspellings or typos. Technical Translation Inc. is proud of our team of specialists who always do their job perfectly and never fail their customer! Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89