Importance of scientific and technical translations

Translation of scientific and technical texts is a very important and very specialized area in the entire translation industry. Scientific and technical texts are created in response to a demand for information of a scientific or technical nature. Such texts need to be translated because someone in a different language community wants to access or use the information that these texts contain.

It is true that inventions and technological progress play an important role in every aspect of the life of modern man. With the advent of globalization and the Internet, the need for technical and scientific information is also growing rapidly. Translation plays an important role in the dissemination of these technical knowledge across countries.

The complexity of a scientific and technical translation is in its very essence, it is in the necessity to translate a very specific terminology. In addition to understanding the terminology itself, the translator must understand the context in which it is used, this is precisely the context upon which the use of a particular term depends.

In addition, from the point of view of translating scientific and technical materials, it is necessary to mention the strictly developed phraseology adopted in this field. This phraseology is used to ensure that professionals immediately noticed the necessary details. Any deviation from the language accepted among experts in a certain field will be immediately noticed, and the interpreter’s unprofessionalism will be emphasized. A well-known documentation language refers to the use of the same words and expressions, not only in terminology, but also in general technical and everyday language, in a certain type of semi-professional jargon. Replacement of these expressions by synonyms is inadmissible.

In addition, the specific nature of the translation of scientific texts is that misperception of the meaning of the text or misuse of terminology can lead to a complete distortion of the meaning in the translated material. Such shortcomings can be found in texts translated by an interpreter who did not fully understand what the text was or was not familiar with the terminology used in it.

The main purpose of an interpreter is to translate some information into TL that was originally written in the SL. Information in the TT should be the same as in the ST.

Using the translated version, a reader who only understands the TL can easily understand the details and the main meaning of the ST. Thus making technical knowledge available to a large number of countries, translating such technical and scientific information, is the only way to achieve accurate technology transfer.

While the scientific text is more detailed by nature, it usually discusses, analyzes and synthesizes information for purposes, explains ideas, thereby offering new theories or evaluating certain methods. The technical text is brief, because it usually deals with the application of scientific information.

Specialists in the field of translation research determine the scientific and technical translation as: “Translation of scientific and technical conditions of all kinds”. It includes: medical, physical, chemical, mathematical, mechanical, technological, biological, agricultural, computer translation, and also a material from other, various branches of a science. In any specialized field there are their own technical terms and their own genre-defining features. Thus, one can no doubt say that scientific and technical translation deals with the translation of a large number of specialized technical terms that are difficult to understand even by those who speak the original language. The more technical terms, the more is a problem in the exact translation of such texts.

The scientific and technical translation is very complicated and has many aspects. There are many inconsistencies in the cultural aspect, as well as inconsistencies in the same language regarding the use and definition of technical terms. A good technical translator will always have experience and a high level of knowledge of the topic or area of the ST. Technical translators are expected to handle such inconsistencies with the expertise that they developed during their many years of practice.

A professional scientific and technical translator, will read and understand the technical terms in the ST, will be able to choose the correct words that convey the exact meaning in the TL. This is the most basic for the translation of technical texts, that the translator must be very skilled and experienced in translating technical texts. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89