Impact factor of a technical translation

Two key factors that are directly connected with a technology, and have influence on a technical translation are: market grow and needs in quick response. Respectably, a translation, as any other industrial process, service business must react on new demands and revise its regimes of work. In this meaning, a series of indicators point out on the fact that these changes are happening already; these indicators include: enlargement of the amount of translation, creating big translation companies to manage these gigantic amounts of information and the need to employ great teams of translators, to create and translate technical information. Together with them a market of translation is opening for localization of software, multilanguage publications, electronic storage, postediting and level publication system among others. Direct consequences of this scenario are in the first place, the fact that an individual technical translator cannot perform a task of general managing of the whole project for a reasonable period of time, if he or she does not work as part of a team of professionals of Technical Translation Inc. Secondary, the fact that this team should automatize as much of a process as possible, if it will fasten the translations, and, finally, the fact that translators must adapt to this new environment and learn new skills.

To solve a new problem, many translation companies opened a united office, where a global team of professionals contact with the means of new technologies. This new agreement is a unique concept of a technical translation, with the help of which a growing demand of the market urges us to choose a concrete direction and receive certain skills in new fields in such a way, that will allow us to follow the trend for elimination of barriers, imposed by time and space, for a translation as an industrial process, for automatizing and global team. Naturally, there is always a danger that the work of a technical translator can remain in the shadow of computers and a global team, but even when machines, as it may seem, violate our confidentiality, we cannot dismiss an urgent need to adapt translation to new means of communication and work. The team of our professionals will help you mastering the secrets of communication on other language, and your every project of a technical translation will be performed considering new technologies. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89