How to choose a technical translation agency

Technical translation is a translation that requires the use of a technical translator with a good understanding of the topic and knowledge of the specialized conditions of that area in the input and output languages. Generally speaking, technical translation is the translation of materials dealing with scientific and technical subjects in which specialized terminology of the scientific or technical sphere is used. When you have prepared your technical translation project, the next step is to select a technical translation agency to process the assignment. The price and the term of performance of work should not be your main characteristics of the supplier of language services. A good technical translation can take a little longer and cost more than a normal translation, so the best price and the fastest deadline probably mean the worst translation, and, ultimately, your company can end up spending much more.

There is a huge number of languages companies on the market of linguistic services, so choosing one is quite difficult. When choosing a technical translation agency, the following recommendations should be observed.

Experience of colleagues

Ask your colleagues in your subject area about their experience of work with the technical translation agency. Ask what translation they did and what languages they used. In addition, ask about what they can especially note when working with this provider of language services. This can help you adjust your requirements as to what to ask when you contact potential partners.

Specialized knowledge and experience

For technical translation, look for an agency that works with professional translators who have experience and education in the required field. Each highly specialized text contains a large number of terminologies, without a specific preparation the language specialist will not be able to cope with its translation.

Technical translation experience

Check the experience of language services supplier. They should be ready to provide any information on relevant past projects, as well as client certificates and references with pleasure.

Working with terminology

The technical translation agency that you choose should act as a language assistant of your business – one who is concerned about obtaining equivalents of a certain terminology for your industry and the correct operation of the company.

Prior to the launch of the project, language specialists will want to prepare a bilingual (or multilingual) glossary of specialized terminology used in documents that will be translated so that these terms are consistently used throughout the project. If your company has access to its own glossary, the technical translation agency will suggest that their specialists check the accuracy of the terminology before beginning the process of translating the entire project.

Independent proofreading

Each linguistic service provider is responsible for the quality of the completed translation project, so an independent competent linguist assigned to the task, as a proofreader, always performs a verification of the finished material. In technical translations there is no right to make mistakes, therefore independent professional proofreading is very important.

Planning the reuse of the translation

If your company will or could translate other similar materials in the future, you will want to be sure that the technical translation agency supports the use of translation memory. The use of this technology ensures consistency through translated materials and can significantly save time and money. Re-content is charged at a lower level than the new content. The use of translation memory when working on technical texts is appropriate in the case of documents with a large number of the same standard text, such as company information or company guarantees.

Other necessary language services

Finally, you should consider any related language services that you may need, such as software or application localization, etc. Working with a technical translation agency that can provide all these services, the entire translation process will be easier for you and will ultimately be more effective.

An important thing for a technical translation agency client is that a technical translation will cost more than a translation of the main activity and can take more time. Additional costs and time are required according to the level of scientific knowledge or technical knowledge required for the project, the number of specialized translators available in the required language and the demand for them. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89