Effectiveness of computers in technical translation

When time matters, when the work on technical translation is based on compromises between terms of performing, quality and price, and when translation is conducted by a person, who proposes the lowest price among those, who propose the fastest result, computerization and working as a team can be a good decision. New market has become so demanding that traditional skills of a technical translation a no longer enough.

Computers allow fast and effective communication with our colleagues in any part of the world, help us shorten time, we receive results of researches and consultant dictionaries and even translation, to adapt our work to the needs of our new clients. The key is economically effective use of computer means of translation, as in translation, as well as in any other industrial process there are its own instruments, some of which are more difficult than others, from text processors and electronic dictionaries and up to the memory of translation and machine translation. Ideally, the working system of the technical translation should come from using the latest apparatus means, operating systems environment and a user oriented environment, as well as from applied software that should include at least a text processor, telecommunication package and an accounting system. The complexity of the working system starts at level one, from the text for translation, which is received on paper and software, consisting of the text processor, a spellchecking program, thesaurus, and data base of terminology, and goes up to the third level, where a machine translation is represented. According to classification, level two is an intermediary stage, where a source text is received in electronic form and is used by software to conduct a text analysis (formatting codes and structure), indexation (automatic search for random words), automatic search for dictionary and creating a two language text extract.

In any case, regardless of how you organize various steps to atomization of a technical translation, you can achieve a real advantage by using technologies both of the process and of the product itself. From the very first moment, when translation and work are planned, computers serve as working instruments, like fax and e-mails that are widely used. During the work process, starting from the first approach to the text and a background research and up to the actual translation, editing, page proofing and billing, computers are used in any moment in the form of electronic dictionaries, data bases of terminology, Internet, text processing packages and instruments.

Every day we notice how the world of technical translation is changing. Technical translator sees how the usage of new technologies leads to the appearing of new markets, new instruments and new ways to perform a qualitative work.

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