Correct translation of operating instructions

Undoubtedly, every person read an incomprehensible instruction manual at least once in his life. To avoid congestion, so complex text and, to ensure the linguistic and technical quality of your translation, several things must be observed.

A technically correct translation of operating instructions or manuals is not only legally binding for manufacturers and industrial enterprises, but also a guarantee of professionalism. The required quality can only be achieved through consistent terminology and testing by competent language specialists.

Why is the quality translation of instructions so important?

The operating instructions for the unit, appliance, maintenance and repair of technical installations or machines are extremely important to the user. In addition, it is necessary to have a detailed explanation of how everything should work correctly during the commissioning of the installation or the machine during commissioning.

Incorrect, incomplete, misleading or incomprehensible operating instructions can lead to unprofitable and misuse and represent a significant source of danger to people. The operating instructions are part of the product and must be provided in the official language (s) of the user’s country. Each manufacturer, dealer in the world market is obliged to translate the operating instructions.

Technical translators for operating instructions

That is why for the operating instructions it is especially important that the technical translator does his job accurately and correctly. It depends not only on the linguistic qualities of the interpreter, but also, above all, on his specialized knowledge. The translation of the manual for the machine block requires a different knowledge than the translation of the manuals for technical electronics or product descriptions of rubber and plastic components. In each direction, specific terminology is used, which the translator needs to know in order to avoid errors or ambiguity.

Professional translation of user guides

Many translation agencies only act as brokers for translation jobs and do not provide value-added services in addition to the actual translation work. Translation offices, on the other hand, use internal translators. Most translation service providers are a mix of translation bureau and agency. You need to make sure that these companies provide value-added services in addition to the actual translation work to ensure accurate translation of your user manual. Such services include, checking, adjustment by a second translator (or, in the case of technical texts, preferably by a specialist), terminology management, formatting work, etc. Only then can there be higher prices compared to freelance translators. And only in this case you receive a translation of instructions, which is executed qualitatively and within the agreed time.

The quality of the translation of operating instructions is achieved through the painstaking work of the team of translators, proofreaders, consultants and project coordinators.

In order for the translation to be performed accurately, it is necessary to ensure the following conditions:

– two-time verification of the finished material;

– competent technical translators who translate into their native language;

– creation of a database of terminology;

– use of translation memory for consistent translations;

– online check of experts of a certain area.

Technical translations of operating instructions are, as a rule, adjusted by specialists in the relevant field. Professional technical translators have expert knowledge and are able to translate the instructions in the engineering, construction industry, electrical engineering and plastics technology with knowledge and correct translation. All works, regardless of language, are tested by specialized experts and checked for technical correctness. Of course, you can buy translations everywhere, but checked and adjusted by specialists in the profile area, are very rare. Because of the high hourly rates for engineers, this competent check is not financially viable for most language providers, and there is more for freelance translators.

Of course, no translation agency can compete with a freelance translator in terms of price. But in the correct technical translation of the operating instructions, quality comes first. Regarding the quality of the work performed, no freelance translator can compete with translation agencies. High quality of technical translations is a guarantee of the calmness of each client! Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89