Changes in technical translation

Certain aim that makes technical translator to change the target text often means that for all practical purposes he takes the additional role and he is no longer just a translator. He can be especially interested in some part of the source text and pays special attention to it. He may try to transmit his own attitude to the text in translation. According to his plans translator may try to simplify, reduce or modify the original message, deliberately reduce the degree of equivalence in translation.

In many types of translation any attempt to change the translated text for a particular purpose or additional translation is considered as unprofessional conduct and is strongly frowned upon. But there are also some types of translation, where certain aspects of the equivalence are of little interest and are often ignored. For example, when you need the technical translation, none of our translators will add anything excessive. Your project will be performed properly and will keep informative value for a particular group of people.

In technical or other informative translations translator or his employers may be interested in obtaining the contents or its essential or new part, which may include ignoring of detailed data or combination of translation with short summaries of less important parts of the original text. The most common feature of these technical translations is ignoring of stylistic and structural features of the original text. In this case, the translation often verges with exposition or synopsis.

Special case is a consistent interpretation, when technical translators often set a period during which they are expected to report on their translation no matter the source text size. This refers to the selection, synthesis and decreased repetition, unforeseen deviations, random failures or excessive explanations. Our translators always check up the texts and only then confirm the terms of the order.

Obviously, in all these cases the differences that may occur between the source text and its translation, should not be written off on translator’s ineffectiveness or disparage his work. Pragmatic value of such translations compensates for the lack of translation equivalents. Obviously, there are different types of translation, which serve for different purposes. Each of our technical translators performs the translations of only those texts that relate to his specialized knowledge. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89