Technical translation of guides to household appliances

Technical Translations Inc. provides translation of different guides, manuals, technical documentation to small and large household appliances. Translations of such texts are required when exporting or importing technologies. Most appliances in the Ukrainian market were produced abroad, so there is a constant need for translating of user guides, as without them would be very difficult to use the appliances mentioned above.

Our translation company will perform translations of any user guide to any household appliances in perfect quality and affordable price. To this end, we work with highly qualified specialists who have extensive experience in translating various technical texts and manuals, most of them are native speakers, who worked in the factories that produce this type of appliances. The most important in translation of guides to small and large household appliances are logical, consistent and dry presentation of information and compliance of terms and formatting. Our technical translators always adhere accuracy in translation of terminology. They have a huge number of dictionaries, reference books and a considerable number of similar instructions translated before. That is why they can say with confidence that their translation is the most accurate and correct.

Technical Translation Inc. can make a layout identical to your original text, so, all diagrams, pictures and charts will be saved in the translated text. This is an important aspect in translation, because if you will not do the layout of already finished translation, the customer will not be able to compare text with diagrams and images, or the customer will spend a huge amount of time on this kind of formatting. However, fortunately, this is not necessary. Our translation company provides package service, so in a result of our work you could get exactly the same document as your original, just in different language.

Technical Translation Inc. can create a glossary for your text. Glossary – is a dictionary, which required the translation of multiple documents for the same company at different time. That is, if in a year you need to translate a document that is very similar to the document that you translated last week, glossary will help to save the unity of terminology. All your wishes considering the previous document will be taken into account regarding the new translation. This service saves time spent on translation, and helps to unite all translations in a single system.

Technical Translation Inc. will be glad to help you in translating all necessary technical documents at the highest level.

Technical translation of guides to aircraft equipment

Technical Translations Inc. has years of experience in translation of various industrial, aviation, automotive, and scientific texts. Our translators take like a duck to water in this field. Over the years of our existence, according to manuals, regulations, guides we translated, Ukrainian engineers are successfully gather aircrafts, flying pilots etc.

Technical Translation Inc. performs translations of:

  • operating guides to the aircrafts and on board equipment;
  • drawings, diagrams and construction development, according to which conducts an aircraft assembly;
  • websites related to aviation;
  • technical conditions of construction and operation of aircraft;
  • reports on the results of aircraft testing;
  • guides for pilots, on board crew and maintenance;
  • equipment patents and licenses;
  • articles and books related to aviation etc.

Our translators that specialize in aviation have more than 10 years of experience in this field, and most of them have two degrees, one of which related to aviation. They can perform the most accurate translation of all terms that occur in such texts.

The most difficult for translation always were and will be diagrams, drawings and handwriting. However, it is not a problem for us, as our layout designers will formatting the translated text so it looks identical to the original one. Any charts, diagrams and drawings made in AutoCAD, MathCAD, CoralDraw and other software will look the same as in your original text, just in different language.

Technical Translations Inc. performs not only the website translation, but also its layout. Thus, when ordering website translation or localization, you will get not only correct and accurate translation, but also proper and competent layout.

Technical Translations Inc. provides termless guarantee of quality on all translations, as we can say with confidence that all our translations are flawless. Our team of professionals never failed the client, never gave inaccurate translation to the client, never missed the deadlines, and never received returns.

Technical translation of guides to machinery

Technical Translation Inc. provides translation of technical instructions, catalogs, diagrams and documentation related to heavy machinery. Many vehicles and equipment in our factories are produced abroad, but it will be used and operated by Ukrainian speaking employees. Thus occurs a necessity in translations of all the texts related to this equipment.

We involve only highly specialized translators, who are experienced in dealing with translation of such highly specialized texts. All specialized translators have two degrees and foreign experience in this field, so they can perform the most accurate translation of all the terms and expressions that can occur.

A lot of documentation that is related to heavy engineering contains many graphics, diagrams, charts, tables, and so on. Therefore, Technical Translation Inc. provides layout service, so that you received the translation, which will look exactly like original text.

Technical Translation Inc. provides translation of guides to:

  • agricultural equipment;
  • mining equipment;
  • equipment for chemical engineering;
  • equipment for forestry machinery;
  • metallurgical equipment;
  • handling equipment;
  • heavy excavators;
  • equipment for oil and gas engineering;
  • equipment for construction machinery;
  • equipment for municipal engineering;
  • equipment for generation and transmission of electricity;
  • heavy press-forging equipment,etc.

Technical translation of instructions

Technical Translation Inc. provides services on translation of instructions. In case of development and sale of equipment and products abroad, your end-user must understand how to operate the equipment or product. The import of goods and equipment also requires translation of all the documents for the goods, including instruction. For example, when importing pasta you must indicate on the packaging the composition and ways of preparing it in Ukrainian. If you want to import a basis for the production of medicines for colds, you will also need to translate instructions for use, dose, side effects etc. We translate various instructions and keep to all quality standards. The basic principles of instructions translation that keeps our agency are:

  • accuracy of translation;
  • compliance with the terms used in the country of export;
  • adherence to formatting;
  • proofreading by the editor;
  • consultation with relevant experts.

Technical Translation Inc. will perform translation of various instructions such, as:

  • operating guides to machinery and equipment;
  • instructions on installation or demolition;
  • job descriptions;
  • instructions for use;
  • guides to aircraft, audio, agricultural, construction equipment and many others.

Instructions are considered accurately translated, when translator under the supervision of highly specialized professionals working in the required field performed it. For example, the translation of user manuals for small household appliances must performed a translator who specializes in translating of schemes, documentation, integration, development of various household appliances, and parallel proofread by the consultant who works or directly related to the production of small household appliances. Thus, the meaning of all terms used in the text will be correctly conveyed and perceived by target audience.


Technical Translation Inc. efficiently performs translation of any technical text of any complexity.

Technical translation of documents

Technical Translation Inc. provides service package of translation certified by seal of our company or notarized. If you have necessity for participate in international tenders, making a contract with a foreign company in exchange of services or delivery of products, submission of documents to the embassy,  travel abroad or permanent residence, in all these cases you will have to resort to the translation company. However, you must be careful when choosing a translation company, because not every company manage with translation of construction documentation, medicines testing and other highly specialized documentation.

When translating documents translator must very strictly adhere to the original, because even the slightest differences in the formulation of sentence can completely change the meaning and significance of the entire document. Translators, who specialize in translating contracts, warrants and court decisions are often have second higher legal education, or work full-time translators in foreign law firms. They have to be sure for one hundred percent that their text they translated will have the same value as the original. It is also important for translator to be familiar with the legislation of the country for which the translation is intended, as each country has its own requirements, for example, translation of power of attorney into English will be different for the UK and the USA. Translators of legal or financial documents always keep to a certain standards, terms and rules, which is used worldwide. They never allow themselves to add any lyrical digressions or paraphrase the text of the document. The translation of technical texts, especially of documents, must be dry, accurate, detailed, concise and logical.

Our translation company can translate quickly and efficiently the following documents:

  • certificates of birth, marriage, death;
  • passport, driving license, identity document, registration certificate;
  • letter of confirmation from bank, employment confirmation letter, certificate of no criminal record;
  • agreement, power of attorney, court decisions;
  • articles of association, accounting records and others.

All documents that you provide to our translation company are confidential. All employees of our company have signed confidentiality agreements. We understand the importance of documentation you provide us and treat it with all necessary diligence.

Technical Translation Inc. can guarantee the quality of translations, as during all the years of our work documents that our company translated was always accepted by the required authority abroad, helping to create a strong commercial relations with foreign companies and to confirm the intentions of Ukrainian companies. All our customers are satisfied and no document was returned.

Technical translation

Technical translation is the most difficult, time-consuming, specific, and terminology full type of translation, which requires much time and participation of relevant experts. Our company specialize on translation of such complex technical texts. We have assembled a great team of professionals who will perform the translation of any complexity and subject.

The texts that relate to technical issues and require technical translation:

  • operation guides, installation and dismantling manuals;
  • catalogs of products;
  • drawings, diagrams, charts;
  • texts of industrial, constructional, metallurgical, physical, nanotechnology, wood-sawing, agricultural, IT and other fields.

Technical translation requires many reference materials, services of various consultants, who are working directly in the required field and translators that directly related to the subject.

Technical Translations Inc. has extensive experience in translation of such texts, because they are our specialization. All our texts passes three level check: by our translator, editor and consultant to make you 100% sure in correctness and accuracy of our translations.

Technical document translation services

Technical translation is usually intended for a specialized audience. Therefore, translation of technical document must be very clear. Tasks that involves translating of technical documents are complex and time-consuming. Since most of them are beyond the usual translators training, we employ certified translators with knowledge and experience in the subject who really understands these problems.

We will not compromise the reputation of your company. We work on every project in cooperation with the relevant professionals: chemists, engineers or translators with the level of education and training required for this kind of translation. To ensure quality and reduce costs, our company combines work of experienced translators with modern tools. The list of our clients ranging from multinational corporations, technology leader to numerous high-tech projects. We guarantee absolute confidentiality.

Our technical translators

All our translators has extensive experience in technical translation and work in parallel as chemists, software developers, petroleum engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, physicists, etc. In addition, they are native speakers, have certification from recognized translation associations or related education and a minimum of 10 years of experience in performing of technical translations.

Our agency specializes in translation of technical documents more than 10 years. We translate the following documents:

Automatic guides; Aviation; Lists of materials; Catalogs; Data table and directories; E-learning; Technical specifications; Equipment manuals and installation guides; Instructions for maintenance and troubleshooting; Advertising material; Brochures; Patents; Technical proposals; Security advisory; Software and hardware; System requirements documents; Technical manuals; Materials for technical training; Tender application and response; User guides; Reports; Web sites, etc.

Experts in the field

Our agency has performed thousands of technical translations for the biggest companies and government institutions. We have won the trust of many companies due our extensive network of experienced performers and innovative technical resources.

Languages we work with

Our agency provides translation services in over 100 languages. Our certified interpreters are native speakers and specialize in a particular field. We regularly provide translation into English and main Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages.

Technical translator for energetics

Technical translations for energetics

Energetics really is an international market. Companies cooperate with many countries that depend on international energetics and public services, so a firm connection between parties has a huge importance in providing necessary resources. We can help your company by providing professional services of technical translation of:

  • Technical receiving
  • Users manuals
  • Plans
  • Technical patents
  • Technical accountancy
  • Technical specialization
  • Instructions in safety
  • Your responds to international notifications.

Based on researches, conducted by one of the leading companies in the field of energetics, the first 6 languages (excluding the Ukrainian) for web-sites in the field of energetics and public services: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese languages. We have seen that necessary translation are made by experts. We completely understand that a small mistake in the technical translation can lead to incredibly serious consequences – it can even be a question of life and death.

Our technical translators all are specialized experts in certain fields. Accurate translation in energetics and public services in incredibly important – without a possible approximation. We have seen that native speakers of the language with respectful technical experience run your projects. As we work with you on projects that are important for your company, we form a certain glossary of technical terms that are accepted by the field and by your company. Glossaries are connected with energetics, they must be used automatically and correctly, as a technical translator is responsible for the term of performing order. The more projects we conduct for you, the richer and more detailed glossary of terminology becomes. We also use technologies of translation memory, to insure that the text, that is being repeated – for example, in instructions or users manuals – will always be translated the same. This method will influence the price – we make a discount for a previously translated text.

We provide a quality control, by checking the quality of every step of the translation process, to insure that translations that we perform are as accurate, as you demand.

PR Tips for Freelance Translators

Public Relations

When we hear the phrase “public relations” or “PR”, we usually think of some celebrity or a large corporation and we do not usually associate it with freelance professionals. Freelancers often believe that PR is not important for them. Currently, there are countless number of courses on translation market, but none on PR for translators. Marketing is certainly important, but we must take into account that, while marketing concerns brand, the PR is about the history behind the brand.

Every business, whether it is big or small, ultimately depends on its reputation to survive and thrive in the market. Clients and journalist opinions can have a strong influence on business. In fact, in today’s competitive market and uncertain economic climate, reputation can be the greatest asset of the business. How can reputation help you to stand out, and get a competitive advantage as a freelancer? In addition, a successful PR is the biggest impact you can make at the lowest cost. PR is ideal for freelance translators who want to boost traffic to their website to make people talk about them, to raise awareness of their brand and find potential clients who are aware of their existence. Especially if the translator has very narrow specialization, for example, only qualified technical translator can perform technical translation.

What are the best and most cost-effective PR activities for freelance translators?

Interview: Do not lose sight of the media, which are open to interviews with professional translators or looking for potential interviews for publications that can read by your target customers. It may be printed in the specialized publication and read by customers, who use translation services.

Press Releases: If something have changed in your company, post a press release. If you offer new language combination or added a new service to your portfolio – tell people about it!

Reviews (books or translated work): Are you faced with any publications that may be of interest to your colleagues or clients in your industry? Take a time to write a review and send it to the relevant websites.

Quotation: Look for opportunities to be listed as an expert in the relevant publications. It could be your local newspaper, newsletters from Translators Association or trade magazines.

A professional translator vs multilingual employee: 4 important considerations

The personnel of many multinational companies includes native speakers of are dozen global languages ​​that belong to different cultures. When you need to translate a foreign language documents such as contracts, operation guides or websites, many managers are wondering whether to perform a professional translation or to make it with the help of their multilingual staff. These employees understand the company’s business, and you do not have to pay them. Would not it be cheaper to make it with the help of company’s internal resources?

  1. Translation skills

Translation is more than “just talk” in another language. Knowledge of two or more languages ​​does not make you qualified translator. Translator should be able to convey the meaning of the author’s words and do it a way that meets the target market. Translation is acquired ability to express ideas formulated within a certain culture and a certain field into another language, so that the message transmitted to another audience remained unchanged. This ability acquires over many years of practice, after the person gets the required knowledge of the language. This is essential when you need technical translation.

  1. Context

Translation of documents, especially in marketing and technical field, is a linguistic landmine field. Not only grammatical and structural rules are different in every language, but also an essential element of cultural context can cause damage in case of a literal translation.

Only a small number of words have direct equivalents in two different languages; so conveying of accurate meaning of the original language is almost impossible. Interpretation is always present in some way, and translator must have specialized linguistic and technical knowledge for this.

  1. Cultural sensitivity

No native speaker would not be familiar with all aspects of modern idiomatic language. In other words, although they may be able to continue the conversation, or even have a very good understanding of written and spoken language, they will not have an acute language sensitivity. This fact is obvious to native speakers, when they read translations in their own language. Even native speakers, who have lived abroad for some time, are not always able to perform precise idiomatic translations.

Foreign employee may be unfamiliar with many technical terms and industry jargon that is currently being used in many countries. Technical translator must possess all these qualities. Terminology is constantly changing and maintaining its consistency within one set of documents is a difficult task that takes a lot of time. Translators have special tools for terminology management, as well as many specialized reference materials, bilingual technical dictionaries, etc.

  1. Time

Even if the regular employee was able to create translation of a good quality, he would have needed more time for the translation, and the result would be lower comparing to specially hired professional.

As a result, the cost of badly done translation is much higher than the savings form the use of services of regular employees, in terms of damage to company’s image (badly written text immediately creates a negative impression) and the need to review more recent versions of documents that were incorrectly translated for the first time.

Furthermore, the multilingual person was not likely employed to translate documents. He was hired to do other work. The translation takes time from other tasks, namely, those for which that person was primarily trained and hired. The work of a professional translator is to perform translations. The reliable professional will always follow the agreed schedule adhere to deadlines. Regular employee can be forced to postpone work on the translation due to unexpected problems on another project, for example. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89