Impact factor of a technical translation

Two key factors that are directly connected with a technology, and have influence on a technical translation are: market grow and needs in quick response. Respectably, a translation, as any other industrial process, service business must react on new demands and revise its regimes of work. In this meaning, a series of indicators point out on the fact that these changes are happening already; these indicators include: enlargement of the amount of translation, creating big translation companies to manage these gigantic amounts of information and the need to employ great teams of translators, to create and translate technical information. Together with them a market of translation is opening for localization of software, multilanguage publications, electronic storage, postediting and level publication system among others. Direct consequences of this scenario are in the first place, the fact that an individual technical translator cannot perform a task of general managing of the whole project for a reasonable period of time, if he or she does not work as part of a team of professionals of Technical Translation Inc. Secondary, the fact that this team should automatize as much of a process as possible, if it will fasten the translations, and, finally, the fact that translators must adapt to this new environment and learn new skills.

To solve a new problem, many translation companies opened a united office, where a global team of professionals contact with the means of new technologies. This new agreement is a unique concept of a technical translation, with the help of which a growing demand of the market urges us to choose a concrete direction and receive certain skills in new fields in such a way, that will allow us to follow the trend for elimination of barriers, imposed by time and space, for a translation as an industrial process, for automatizing and global team. Naturally, there is always a danger that the work of a technical translator can remain in the shadow of computers and a global team, but even when machines, as it may seem, violate our confidentiality, we cannot dismiss an urgent need to adapt translation to new means of communication and work. The team of our professionals will help you mastering the secrets of communication on other language, and your every project of a technical translation will be performed considering new technologies.

Technologies that demand technical translations

Science and technologies demand technical translations

Today an export trade and know-how exchange between different countries demand a high standard of linguistic communication. Team of Technical Translation Inc. works hard to perform any translation project and constantly maintain each of your enterprises. Our translators in the fields of science and technology are chosen based of their knowledge and skills, not only in translation, but also in various fields of science and technology. For example, translations in the field of electric energy are performed by electrical engineers, translators, who have a respectful professional experience.

Professional experience

For more than 10 years we translated thousands of scientific and technical texts that are related to the wide range of disciplines, such as computer studies and telecommunications, medical technologies, developing, architecture, building etc., where a technical translation plays a major part.

Version of translations and technical specifications

All texts that our team receives are at first thoroughly overviewed. Especially, when it comes to technical texts that contain pictures, drawings etc., we select correspondent software in such a way as to process the content of any document and provide you with a file in a format you need.

Scientific and technical terminology

Team of translators has access to exclusive instruments of translation, specific technologies, dictionaries and glossaries, so that we can guarantee a unity of terminology that is used in the document, regardless of its size.

While performing a translation of scientific and technical texts by our translators, you can be assured that it will be accurate, as it is performed by professionals that are native speakers of the original language and specialize of the theme, necessary for you.

Confidentiality and professional responsibility

We guarantee confidentiality of your documents in written form. Also our services are subject to norms of professional insurance of civil responsibility,

Popular translations in the field of science and technology:

  • Instructions in exploitation of electrical and electronic devices of special purpose;
  • Patents;
  • Technical specifications.
  • Aside of the translation, we provide the following services:
  • Page proofs and editing of translated texts;
  • Rendering of terminology (translation of terms without context);
  • Simultaneous and consecutive services of interpretation.

Technical translator and Oil and Gas industry

Technical and Oil and Gas industry with its own language

There are many complicated things in Oil and Gas industry. Researches, excavation and filtering are difficult processes, and translation of critical content of Oil and Gas can be the same problem as well. Difficult technologies, unique fields of expert knowledge and specialized terminology demand the intervention of specialized technical translators, who can accurately convey meaning of a difficult material to the necessary language. Companies in Oil and Gas industry often need technical translations into more difficult languages, such as Arabic, Kazakh and others.

During more than 10 years of work in the language field we built relations with experience technical Oil and Gas translators, who can solve these difficult problems.


  • Tested professional technical translators, who specialize on the energetic field;
  • Options of translations into less widespread languages;
  • Ability to work with difficult technical formats of documents.

We have a responsible technical translator for your project. Companies that produce specialized goods are bilingual on languages of energetics and engineering. They will also be performed on business and marketing jargon, according to the law on international agreement. Many companies in the field are equally unaccustomed to more recent demands, which make their result more understandable for a wider audience.

You can be assured that we will find a respectful technical translator for your project, taking into account all necessary information about your text, target audience, and your company and culture. Out network, that includes a large number of translators from numerous fields, gives us confidence in the fact that we will find a necessary language expert for your project.

Our service is highly specialized

Even if the meaning of a word seems absolutely clear at first sight, it actually has much more meanings, when talking about technical translation. Also enlargement of the amount of news and technical documents, and increased interest of the parties, shoes the importance of a properly performed technical translation. Besides: during several years energetics has become a subject of a most intense civil interest.

It became an impulse for creating a network all over the world, and now it generates a gigantic demand on the technical translations. Our technical translators cover a huge diversity of sectors in the field and separate terminology that each of them uses.

Technical translator for chemical industry

Services of technical translation for chemical industry

Chemical industry must follow instructions and comply with demands of the leading field associations. Chemical manufactures constantly create and update patents, additional shits on safety of the product, reports of toxicology, reports on deviations and supporting documents that define the content and properties of the substances. Depending on the origin these documents must be translated into one or more languages and registered. When translating documents on safety conditions, our specialists know that it is important to take into account the features of the country, on which a translation is oriented. For example, goods safety instructions can be created with 8 titles of the section, according to the OSHA standard, or with 16 titles of the section, according to ANSI standard. Technical translator, who has experience of translation for chemical industry, knows all details of standards and in which country which standard is used.

Technical Translation Inc. is a long term worker in the field of chemical industry. We help a lot of companies to effectively represent their information in more than 150 languages. Experts in the chemical field have experience of laboratory work, together with a huge practical use of source and translated documents. They guarantee accuracy and convenience of performing a translation. Inner team of our translations takes into account the place of submitting of translated documents, so that translation that out translators guarantee would meet the norm demands of the country, for which it is intended.

Our agency gives comprehensive and specialized decisions for globalization, which are economically profitable and guarantee a fast result. Unique methodology allows us to perform a consistently clear, accurate translation of information of the highest value.

Our experience in technical translation allows us to propose to our clients decisions for magnification and distinctiveness of language according to their needs. Our company believes that accuracy and consistency can be achieved only in cooperation with professional technical translators that have expert knowledge in the field and with experience of translating technical texts. Our inner quality processes are design in such a way that they can meet special demands of scientific and technical translation.

Technical translator

Technical Translation Inc. confidently believes that there is no more professional translator then a technical one. Because this vocabulary cannot be learned neither in the university, nor on certain courses, nor anywhere else. Such experience and such knowledge can only be obtained by working in the field directly (on the plant, factory, marketing company, medical enterprises, legal agencies etc.). Technical translators are wary rare, but if you have found one – you can be sure that he is a specialist to the bone.

Technical translators gather experience in decades and constantly improve their knowledge, thanks to the restless interest to their specialty. They possess all the necessary literature, even if you need to translate an instruction of operation of an Ancient Rome military equipment, they will find a book about it, and then they will consult with historians for accuracy and authenticity of information.

Technical Translation Inc. found such people and organized them into a unified team. We can find a specialist in any theme. Our specialists will meet your terms, take into account all you wishes and perform a translation exactly how you want it, but using for it all their skills and knowledge.

Technical translation of building guides

Technical Translation Inc. provides translation of different operation guides, installation and repair manuals for both small household and large agricultural, industrial and other kinds of equipment. Our company often assists in choosing the equipment, as we perform translations of brochures or other equipment descriptions. Companies cooperating with foreign factories and enterprises require translation of such instructions. When ordering foreign technology, it is required that each employee who maintains or operating foreign equipment understood and knew how to use it. It is necessary to translate the instructions for proper operation of equipment. Our company has performed translations of guides for excavators, conveyors, grinding machines, acing machines, large and small household appliances, various medical equipment and more.

Technical Translation Inc. provides translation of guides for:

  • dredges;
  • construction crane;
  • dump truck;
  • bulldozers;
  • hydraulic hammers;
  • cement mixers;
  • paving compactor etc.

When translating these texts our translators pay special attention to style, accuracy of terms and logical sequence. If your company often orders a new technique or exports Ukrainian technique abroad, we strongly recommend you to create a glossary. That is, after the first order we create a glossary of terms with a detailed description and interpretation. We create such glossary in order to all further translations had the same style, the same format, etc. However, if you have any other requirements for each translation, we are happy to assist you.

Technical Translation Inc. cooperates only with qualified translators who have extensive experience in translating texts is construction field. We selected specialized translators for each narrow field of the industry. Therefore, we can provide the most accurate and correct translation of the guides for building equipment.

Technical translation of medical records

Technical Translation Inc. provides translation and interpreting support of medical and pharmaceutical documentation. For this purpose, we have special medical translators who have experience of over 10 years of translation of such texts. We also work with specialized medical professionals who check all our translations on compliance with our or foreign legislation and medical practice.

Translation of medical documentation is required in case of entering new foreign medicines on the Ukrainian market or export of Ukrainian medicines abroad. The main documents that require translation are:

  • reports on research and testing results;
  • medicines material specification;
  • report medical records;
  • all necessary documentation for submission to the executive power;
  • decisions, resolutions etc.

Technical translation of guides to medical equipment  

Technical Translation Inc. provides services in translation of guides to medical equipment. This service is very popular nowadays, due to developing exchange of technology, knowledge and inventions between Ukrainian and foreign scientists. In recent years, many investors were attracted to Ukraine. They are helping to improve Ukrainian hospitals, research centers and private clinics. Much of the equipment used in our country has been purchased and produced abroad and, therefore all specifications, instructions, manuals and catalogs are written in a foreign language. Technical Translation Inc. have noticed the need to provide qualitative and accurate translation of the guides and other documentation. That is why our company every day helps Ukrainian companies to use foreign equipment by translating technical texts.

Technical Translation Inc. selects only qualified technical experts for translation of guides for medical equipment, as such texts contain a huge number of terms that must not only translated but also explained. Our translators are trying to make their translations understandable not only for professionals, but also for ordinary employees. They follow the required style and do not allow themselves any lyrical digressions that are appropriate only for literary texts. Our translators have vast experience in translating various medical texts, and can accurately translate the most intricate guides.

Guides for medical equipment often contain charts, diagrams and other graphic elements with text or symbols that require translation. Our agency has qualified layout designer who can formatting translated guides, so it looks the same as your original text.

Technical Translation Inc. is working with several medical consultants who check the relevance and compliance of all of our translations related to medicine and pharmaceuticals. For example, our translators have recently translated the guide for the American tomograph, which contained a large number of restrictions, warnings and instructions on the use of this tomograph. Our translator and consultant spent many sleepless nights in order to each employee who will use this unit could understand and remember these instructions.

Technical translation of operation guides

Technical Translation Inc. provides translation of operation guides to machinery, equipment and electronics. Ukrainian companies do business with foreign enterprises, exchange experiences, goods and equipment. The relations between Ukrainian and foreign companies are developing and involving new industries. If a few years ago, Ukraine has cooperated with foreign companies only in the industrial sector, now we exchange financial services and scientific research, technological, construction, medical, pharmaceutical technologies and many, many others. Since foreign products dominate the market of electronics and household appliances in Ukraine, translation of operation guides is one of the most popular type of translation.

When translating operation guides, it is very important to follow the style and accuracy. Translators of Technical Translation Inc. treat very attentively to every order. Our managers distribute the orders according to translator’s specialization. Our agency cooperates with various highly specialized translators. For example, we will find different translators to translate the operation guide for excavator and microwave oven. Thus, you and we can be sure that all terms, consistency, logic, conciseness and, what is the most important, the content of the original text will be conveyed properly and accurately.

These operation guides contain many diagrams, pictures and charts. Technical Translation Inc. cooperates with is a layout designers, who can format your translation identical with the original. Regardless of the program in which the original text was created, the layout of the document will be made according to all the wishes of our client.

We translate operation guides to:

  • washing machines, vacuum cleaners, televisions, refrigerators and other large household appliances;
  • microwave ovens, hair dryers, irons, kettles, blenders and other small appliances;
  • industrial, agricultural and woodworking equipment;
  • mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other electronics;
  • medical and pharmacological equipment;
  • equipment for laboratories and research centers;
  • cars, trucks, tractors and more.d

Technical translation of instructions for use

Technical Translations Inc. perform translations of any instructions. Instructions for use of medicines are in special demand nowadays. Ukraine imports and exports a huge variety of medicines, and each of them requires translation of the instructions for use.

Our translators, who specialize in medical field, have a second degree in medicine and considerable experience in translation of such texts. They are actively interested in innovations in medicine and pharmacology. They understand the laws of different countries relating to medicine and pharmacology and always chose the right term. In addition, these translations are always performed under the strict supervision of our consultants.

We translate the instructions for use to:

  • hormonal drugs;
  • antiviral drug;
  • vitamins;
  • dietary supplements;
  • immunostimulatory drugs;
  • medical herb gathering;
  • anticancer drugs;
  • antiretroviral drugs;
  • homeopathic medicines and others.

Technical Translations Inc. threats responsibly to every order, regardless of size, cost and urgency. We work only with highly qualified specialists who confirmed their reputation and proved that they can cope with the task of any complexity and in any terms.

If you need to format your translation according to a certain pattern – our layout designer will gladly help you. We also advise to our customers to create a glossary due to save the unity of terminology in all translations. That is, if you work with the same medicines for several years, but you need to translate some additions or improvements, or any supporting documentation, then you should use the same terms. Technical Translation Inc. will create terminological glossary to all your texts for further cooperation. Glossary facilitates translator’s work and respectively reducing time spent on translation, helps to observe the unity of terminology and reduces the cost of translation. Звоните ☎ +38 (044)222-96-89